Memories to Last a Lifetime

You can say that the beach is in our blood—weekend trips to the beach, holidays spent with family and friends sitting in the sand, spending hours snorkeling, sipping an agua de coco to cool down. Veda de Mar was created to celebrate memories made at the beach and the country that made those memories possible, Colombia. And we believe that those memories can be spent in beachwear that is high-quality, eco-friendly and stylish without breaking the bank. 

Proud of our Colombian roots, we design our beachwear to reflect the diversity and charisma of our people and land all while being locally sourced in Colombia. 

Hand-Made with Love

Behind every Veda de Mar item is a person in Colombia who sat down to cut, stitch and assemble by hand. You’ll notice that their artistry is unparalleled. 

Believing in just labor and compensation, at Veda de Mar we’re proud to partner with local artisans and businesses who lead with passion and care for others and their craft. 

Caring for Mother Earth

We believe that we all have a role in saving our planet.

That’s why we design and ship our products with sustainability in mind:

Kraft mailers: Made from 100% Kraft paper, our mailers degrade naturally within a few weeks, decomposing just like leaves that fall off a tree. 

Jute fabric for shoes, and strings and pouches for products: Jute is a plant-based fiber that is biodegradable. It requires less land and water than other plant-based fibers such as cotton, as it is mostly rain-fed, and requires no fertilizers or pesticides to grow. 

Reversible bathing suit: Made to last you for years to come, some of our bathing suits have the added benefit that they are 2 in 1, decreasing individual item production. 

Fabric: No fabric is wasted—all fabric left over after our designs have been cut is used to create the free ponytail you receive with your order. 

Visit OUR PLEDGE to continue your sustainability journey with us.